How A Marathon Training Run Picked A Fight With Cancer

To be honest, when I first mapped out the route to what essentially would become the Happy Half Marathon course a little over two years ago, I was simply looking for a way to end a long run at a pub in Yellow Springs, Ohio. At the time the pub I … [Continue reading]

The Secret of A Three Mile Run

There is a secret about training to finish a marathon that no one really tells you. Even though it's hiding in plain sight behind a simple Google search, for the most part no one comes right out and says it. I'm going to do you a solid and … [Continue reading]

3 Reasons Why Paul McCartney Seems Timeless

After recently seeing Paul McCartney at Nationals Park, I noticed something almost formulaic in peoples' reaction to him and his show. Sure, there is a constant level of adulation and awe over the fact that people are seeing a real, live Beatle sing … [Continue reading]

Why You Shouldn’t Obsess Over “Who’s Teaching?”

I’m guilty of it. I know the MindBody Online system so well (does every yoga studio use this service?), I could probably work for them. Like most yogis, I do have favorite teachers and would scour the internet to see when they’re teaching next. I did … [Continue reading]

Big News For Busy Runner!

Until now, this site has been dedicated to the plight of runners who need motivation or help in finding time to run. We all lead busy lives with work, family and friend obligations, and from time to time it’s easy to let running take a back seat. One … [Continue reading]

4 Reasons Why I Prefer Hot Yoga

My first yoga class was a prenatal yoga class in 2005. It was slow, unheated, seemingly built strength, and alleviated pain in areas I didn’t know existed. It was good. For whatever reason, I didn’t take another yoga class until 2007. It was hot … [Continue reading]

All You Need to Start Becoming the Greatest Runner You Can Be

If you grew up in the late 80s and early 90s and had even a passing interest in basketball, you know the name Mars Blackmon. Mars was created and portrayed by Spike Lee for one of his movies, but he became more famous as a Nike pitchman pushing … [Continue reading]

How To Get Motivated To Run When You Don’t Feel Like It

If you've run long enough, at some point you've had the feeling that you just didn't want to go out on a particular run. Maybe there was a time when turning off your alarm and rolling back into your sheets sounded like the best thing ever. Or maybe … [Continue reading]

3 Simple Tweaks That Can Make This Weekend’s Long Run Easier

  I first got the idea for this post a few months ago as I was walking through the GEICO corporate offices for my weekly Toastmasters meeting and saw this sign: I'm not sure if the HR rep who walks me to my meetings was pulling my leg (I'm … [Continue reading]

Why I Don’t Go To The Gym and 3 Reasons You Probably Don’t Need To Either

For a long while, I considered taking advantage of the discount a local gym offers my company. It was relatively cheap, close to work and I figured it would be a great way to build up the cross training portion of any race training I would be doing. … [Continue reading]