Why You Shouldn’t Obsess Over “Who’s Teaching?”

I’m guilty of it. I know the MindBody Online system so well (does every yoga studio use this service?), I could probably work for them. Like most yogis, I do have favorite teachers and would scour the internet to see when they’re teaching next. I did this pretty religiously until 2 things happened to me.

It got boring

I went to my favorite teacher 6 times in a row (within a 10 day period). A profound thought hit me during that 6th class: “heeeey……he said the same joke during the same posture yesterday and still got a big, authentic laugh from everyone in the room”.

Everyone laughed but me.

I was anticipating it! I knew it was coming! Everyone else wasn’t in their 6th class within 10 days with him! It was then that I realized I wasn’t being fully challenged because I knew his dialogue. What if I had gone to a teacher that made me hold triangle for 15 seconds longer than normal?  Or, a third set of camel? Extra sets of eagle crunches? ….that all would have been way more challenging. And challenge is good.

The “bad” teacher was actually good

I got psyched out.

I went to a class where I thought I knew who was teaching. I arrive to the studio and was shocked to see a sub.  My thoughts were coming anxiously fast: “She’s tough. She’s militant. What will she say when I tell her I have an injury? What if she pushes me too hard? Does she even know how to be encouraging??”  I begrudgingly went into class, feeling low energy before we even started deep breathing.

She walked in, smiling, made eye contact with everyone, and got started. 3 postures in and I hear: “Beautiful posture, Megan!” and then, “Gorgeous Henry!” and then finally, “C’mon, Jen, I know you can kick higher than that! Yes! You did it! Beautiful!”  Her class continued to rock. Um….I’m sorry, who IS this teacher and since when is she so amazing at teaching?!  I didn’t give her a chance and made assumptions based on 1 class with her. Not fair.

Teachers can have bad and good days – they’re human (and also super-human with their full extended postures they do so effortlessly). I encourage you to not look at the online system and just get on your mat. Think outside the yoga-teacher-box and you will undoubtedly surprise yourself as you contribute to the energy of the class.

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