Big News For Busy Runner!

Until now, this site has been dedicated to the plight of runners who need motivation or help in finding time to run. We all lead busy lives with work, family and friend obligations, and from time to time it’s easy to let running take a back seat. One of the themes of this site has been to decide to make your running goals happen and to make running a habit. For the most part that won’t change.

But, at least for my household, that’s only part of the story.

How do you fit in runs when you have another person in the house who is also trying to fit something in that they’re passionate about? In our case, we balance all our life obligations with my running and my wife Jen’s yoga. I’ve enjoyed the blog so far and have enjoyed sharing some of what  does and doesn’t works for me, but to this point it has felt like a key part of the story I’ve been telling has been missing. I want to bring that part of the story into focus now.

Moving forward, you’ll still get posts from me about running, running motivation and habits, but you’ll also notice more posts from Jen and how she fits in her yoga practice.

You’ll also notice that the site is now called . You can still type in to get here, but we felt the domain name change better suited our new wider theme.

Over time Jen and I hope to share how my running and her yoga lead to a better and more fulfilled life together and how we’ve shared those passions of ours with our kids. Our hope is that in telling our stories, you’ll be able to find similar stories in your daily lives as well.

Thank you for reading Busy Runner. Welcome to Run Yoga Thrive!


  1. Love the new site P.J.! Yoga and running fit very well together. I also love your focus on a more balanced website. Life is more than running, even if we love it and if takes up all our time! 🙂

    • Thanks Jeff! Over the course of the next week or so, there will still be some minor design changes and tweaks, but over all we’re happy with the direction the site is taking.

  2. Yay! Yay! Yay!
    I think you should incorporate vegan recipes, too!!!

    • Beth – we’re toying with doing that, but for the most part the recipes we use are usually someone else’s. Having said that, we have had some trial and error in the kitchen and have come up with some things that are healthy and kid approved….

      • Ok! I will read it anyway. Ha ha.
        I was thinking maybe not recipes but meals /ingredients that you commonly eat.
        Ideas for plant based meals.
        Or you can do whatever you want since it is your blog. Ha ha.

  3. Makes perfect sense. The majority of runners that I know do yoga too!

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