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What Toddlers Can Teach Us About Becoming Runners



If the contents of this post don’t motivate you to run, imagining these babies in your kitchen, calling your name should do the trick.

If you’re thinking of taking up running and are apprehensive for any number of reasons, I have good news you for you.

You’ve already started.

No, you haven’t been running in your sleep and no you haven’t developed a case of running amnesia. You’ve already accomplished one of the most basic and fundamental foundations to being a runner – you learned to walk.

While I may have written the first part of this post with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, there is more than a kernel of truth to all of this. When you were a kid scooting around on all fours, you were bound and determined to walk. You weren’t going to let anything stop you, and one day you did it.  There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle in a toddler learning to walk, but for all intents and purposes, that was the first major goal you accomplished. Here is a quick look at how you did it.
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6 Tips to Make Sure You Wake Up Early and Run

Every runner with a family, a job or any other daily time constraints will eventually have to decide when they’ll fit their runs into their schedule. For some of us, the 9 to 5 (or 6 or 7) workday prohibits us to fit a run in mid day. Running at night is an option, but for me there are too many variables. Between the uncertainty of not being sure of when we’ll actually get home to figuring out dinner to helping with homework, once all is said and done, running after 9pm isn’t my cup of tea.

That’s why I run in the morning. 

Running in the morning is a great way to start your day. After a good run, you feel alert and awake. It really can set the tone for your day and I always feel full of energy at work if I’ve started the day with a 5-6 mile run.

Whether or not you consider yourself a morning person, you can get up and run in the morning. Here are some tips I use to make sure I get out the door and run.
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And I Would Run 1,000 Miles…

With apologies to the Proclaimers’ for paraphrasing their hit from the 90s (and to you for putting that song in your head), I’m officially announcing my New Year’s Resolution (better late than never).1000+ Goal Image

Here it is: I will run over 1,000 miles in 2013.

How far is 1,000 miles?

1,000 miles is a long way no matter how you slice it. To put it in perspective, if I got in my car and drove 1,000 miles away from where I live in Bethesda, Maryland, I could almost make it to either Springfield, Missouri, Miami, Florida or just short of Halifax, Novia Scotia almost 15 hours later.

I don’t know about you, but spending 15 hours in a car headed in any direction – or for any destination – seems pretty daunting.
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Hope Is Not a Strategy for Runners

A few years back, I worked as sales representative. While the job was very demanding, it was also very rewarding. Closing a big account or having a good month as a team didn’t happen by accident. Due to a clear sales plan, succeeding wasn’t an aberration or an accident. In many ways, training to run a race is the same way. You’re probably not going to PR in a race without a proper plan – or good training schedule to follow.

“Hope Is Not a Strategy”

Rick Page’s sales book, which is a sales bible for many, was almost a mantra to our sales manager. We we weren’t allowed to simply hope a sale would come through. Before each sales call, we were expected to have a  clear plan in place where we knew the prospect inside and out and determine their hot button selling points. Most importantly, we had to give ourselves the best chance to succeed by removing all known barriers to a sale before the meeting ever took place. While our planning and strategy sessions were a culmination of personal experiences and other sales books, it was Page’s book that our sales manager would constantly point to.  If you’re in sales and are interested in developing your own sales strategies, I’d highly recommend picking up a copy – if you haven’t already.

What does this all have to do with fitting in runs? A lot, as I found out. When I started running, I didn’t really have a plan. While just stepping out the door to run can be fun, if your goal is to run any long distance races you’ll need to have a plan. Without a plan, you’re not going to accomplish your goals anymore than a salesperson will close a sale by simply showing up. You had to do your homework in sales and you have to do your homework with running.
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