Taking The First Step

Talk about a loaded first blog post.

I have to admit, I’m lazy. It takes a lot to kickstart me into action. I was always the guy who thought running or working out or just getting into respectable shape sounded good, but it was always something I’d start next week. Or next month. Or at the start of a new year. Now never seemed to be time. I happily accepted the excuse that I was too busy.

That is pretty much how I plodded through life until I saw this picture of myself:

This picture depressed me.

Sure, I was aware that I could stand to lose a few pounds (who couldn’t?), but when I saw that picture something really hit home. It was a comin’ to Jesus moment for me. I won’t say that I woke up the next day and made immediate changes, but seeing this picture definitely was a major fork in the road. There were two ways I could go and I didn’t like the way I was headed.

I changed a lot of things after seeing that picture, but one of the things I committed myself to was exercising more. I started playing basketball at least twice a week. I eventually picked up running and never really looked back. Once I started training for my first half marathon, I was hooked. Running would become entrenched in my life and I would get my runs in no matter what. Being busy was no longer an excuse. 

When it came to blogging, the old me from that picture reared his plump head. I actually registered this domain awhile ago and fully intended to make this post before the turn of the new year. Oddly enough, it was easy to say I was too busy, or too tired, or that I had to get a run in instead of writing something. While running never really waned, I fell back into old habits when it came to blogging.

Then I saw this post over at No Meat Athlete.

Matt’s post about starting something and not procrastinating resonated with me nearly as much as that old photo of me did. I read that post and almost felt guilty for not starting this thing sooner. Similarly to when I was looking at a picture of an overweight me, I didn’t like the feeling I got from reading that post. I resolved to do something about it, no matter what. Excuses be damned.

Being a busy runner, or a busy swimmer, or cyclist or violinist or parcheesi player comes with universal challenges and hurdles. It’s easy to say you’re busy with something when you’d like to be doing something else. For the most part, I’ll use this space to discuss how we all can not only find time, but how we can and should make the time for that “something else” and take that first step.




  1. Hooorrraaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  2. “Being busy was no longer an excuse.” LOVE IT! That’s the hardest thing to say–and to follow-up with! Well done.

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